“There are places that are so special that even time stops to admire them”

Laying on the banks of the Mincio River and immersed in a national park that carries the same name, Villa Dei Mulini is a corner of history intimately tied to its traditions. A 16th Century villa that makes the care of its guests its principal motto. Its strong point is the most complete relaxation immersed in nature, far from the everyday bustle and noise. A fairy tale setting where one can admire breathtaking sunsets, that inebriate the eyes and bliss out the heart, a glimpse of a unique and memorable territory.

Getting lost in the silence of Villa dei Mulini is an experience which will fill with joy the heart of whoever trys it, for a vacation where art, history and culture are in harmony with nature, sport and relaxation.

The elegance of Villa Dei Mulini is enhanced by the class of its 12 rooms, each of which splendidly combine the traditional interior furnishings typical of the period, with the comfort of modern services, offering solutions which provide every comfort. Choose among the different room types according to your personal requests. Let yourself be inspired and respond to the call of nature.

Strada Volta Pozzolo, 9
46049 | Volta Mantovana (MN)

📠 +39 0376 1587 236
📧 info@villadeimulini.com

P.IVA 02412870202

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